Is your condom safe enough for 25% men to wear the wrong condom?

Editor\’s note: too believe that condoms are not a good thing, because in the middle of the public, the use of the wrong way to make condoms become no longer safe. How high the safety of condoms, the vast majority of people think that in the sex life, as long as the use of condoms, you can let yourself from the infected with sexually transmitted diseases, it will not accidentally pregnant. But a report on the Internet pointed out that it is not a good thing to believe that condoms are too much, because in the middle of the public, the use of the wrong way to make condoms become no longer safe. Researchers at University of Alabama in Bermingham, the United States, conducted a survey of more than 1100 men and women, and found that nearly 1/4 of people used condoms in the last month. Statistics, the common error methods are mainly:


2016 Brazil exhibition report-adult performances

Summary: community opening sex shop, the store installed curtains and putting up \”minors prohibited\” prompt. But parents of many children came to the front of the store, and the theory of shop staff. The employees have their own reasons for adult stores. \”We obtained the relevant Department license, full license, why not shop here? \”In this regard, the staff of the departments of industry and Commerce said:\” no relevant regulations of the State, as long as the legitimate licenses has been made, we must not interfere with operation.

A few days ago, Ms AW who lives in Hubei in the community reflects the community where she lives intersection recently opened a adult stores, lots of sex toys naked in an unattended vending machines, many primary and middle school students passing will be curious to take a look at a few, many


Treat sex toy box from various industries

Industry, therefore, cried out, the funny sex toys can rob people their jobs, can easily replace office administrative personnel, services, manufacturing, sales, construction workers, and many other type of work, but the reality is that NSW sex toy box is still far from sufficient to develop to this step.Research report points out, although many in the developing world can be automated, but due to cheap labor supply is adequate, automation is not cost-effective.

The corresponding to the current situation of the NSW also established.Japan murrain research institute also pointed out that: “although computer replace the human exist the possibility of technical, but need to consider a variety of professional labor supply and demand balance and other social factors involved.”Because of the national strategic level, in order to ensure manufacturing employment, also must have a policy on funny sex toys substitution in the design of the consideration on the resistance factors and social stability.Treat sex toy box from various industries, the cautious attitude towards all the time, its product quality and stability, and the maturity of form a complete set, apparently also can’t satisfy the needs of various industries.

Can know, for the sex toy box, from stable production to be born and survive, commercialization is a very high threshold.When a high threshold of industry begins to blossom everywhere, often means that the impulse of the failure of the overheated investment and industry crisis emerged.

Therefore, entrepreneurs need to rationally treat the funny sex toys industry and funny sex toys, it should be more suitable for the minority in the field of technology research and development have a certain accumulation and has led the NSW funny sex toys kit to the upstream of the sprint in the industry of science and technology enterprises to focus on crucial development, enterprise must have technical breakthrough and innovation ability and the capital, technological breakthrough, more need to be forward-looking and international commercial landing strategic vision, but the industry is definitely not a field for the majority of entrepreneurship.

To some extent, the NSW as part of the entrepreneur in the field of science and technology in many traditional business thinking rather than product thinking and creative thinking of science and technology, they had learned how to seize a Gruyere, looking for a time, through a shortcut to create a cost-effective business model to get rich, but not for the industry attributes, technology accumulation and commercial prospects.To sum up, from the industrial chain and the demand of market maturity and commercialization prospects, funny sex toys entrepreneurship is obviously not a good business.

On the other hand, the future in the field of entrepreneurship, how to avoid the high and new science and technology is playing bad lead to overcapacity, waste of resources, is in the national top level needs to consider the problem of policy design.Set of the great leap forward and, cried out, catch the beauty, while ignoring the market demand, resources, and industrial supporting all the basic conditions of entrepreneurship, obviously won’t bring NSW funny sex toys industry a better future.

NSW funny sex toys industry development opportunities and challenges, a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution deeply influence, the acceleration of transformation and upgrading of the industrial economy, the economic development of endogenous power gradually strengthen, a variety of good policy to carry out the favorable factors, constantly and have international unstable factors increase, the NSW economy downward pressure is bigger, the foreign trade situation is more serious, the enterprise financing environment is relatively poor.

In 2015, facing the complex situation outside NSW, NSW funny sex toys industry achieve healthy and rapid development, to further expand the market size, application field and area to further extend, develop their own brands.Looking ahead to 2016, NSW funny sex toys industry development opportunities and challenges, as a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution deeply influence, the acceleration of transformation and upgrading of the industrial economy, the economic development of endogenous power gradually strengthen, a variety of good policy to carry out the favorable factors, constantly and have international unstable factors increase, the NSW economy downward pressure is bigger, the foreign trade situation is more serious, the enterprise financing environment is relatively poor.


Domestic sex toy Singapore share of 15%

Around in LA, the rush of capital market and the government supporting policies, driven by the current LA has dozens of sex toy Singapore industrial park, the park high-tech, hatch, new energy and so on.Over the past year more known as “of the first year of the wild sex toys”, LA wild sex toys BBS, related seminar is countless.Companies involved in the industrial wild sex toys by different ways.
According to the data show that by the end of 2014, the amount of LA  sex toy Singapore related enterprises more than 4000.In 2015, 2015 yuan LA109 wild sex toys market, foreign 85% share of the wild sex toys, output value reached 9.25 billion yuan.Domestic sex toy Singapore share of 15%, output value is about 1.64 billion yuan, but this is more than 11% higher than that of 11% share in 2014.And while LA wild sex toys has soared over the past two years more than 300 enterprises.In addition, the LA also appeared a wild sex toys queue listed companies.

Mentioned before, this one of the important driving factor is that local governments performance based on the needs of blind booster, investment promotion, batch, rapid advance on the project.Many local governments introduced gradually “tax cuts”, “loan”, “subsidy” and other preferential policies.At that time, wild sex toys enterprises have mushroomed, everywhere to rush now.Have stressed is running with government subsidies, this leads to a building is built around the park, according to relevant data shows that at present there are more than 30 LA industrial park in the preparation of the wild sex toys.

Industry all to know, of course, the wild sex toys entrepreneurship, associated with LA make 2025 the program me, “LA manufacture 2025” planning, points out that by 2020 the independent brand of industrial wild sex toys LA market share to 50%, and will be included in one of the top ten key industrial wild sex toys industry.Is a can’t deny the fact that the wild sex toys be attention is more and more high, and entrepreneurs how to meet the industry and rational decision?

The mainstream of the wild sex toys type is divided into a service wild sex toys and industrial sex toy Singapore.From the perspective of the concept of the wild sex toys, it is a kind of can automatically adapt to the environment, and to take independent decisions of equipment, have visual, auditory and other intelligent recognition system, the concept of such a simple decision sex toy Singapore are need very high technology industry, talent, capital support, but the current LA is towards the opposite of the enterprise, will once again in the high-end industry play a low-end cheap way.

At present many tech entrepreneurs to do product concept is cheap and cost-effective, consider consumers consider the first thing is the price.Ratio of this concept appears to be in LA technology meet, meet kill Buddha Buddha, from the O2O industry, intelligent hardware, mobile phone and VR business is so, now the trend is spreading in the field of wild sex toys.According to some industry report points out, had appeared on the market price of one thousand yuan the following wild sex toys.

Entrepreneurs have wild sex toys said with more than two months alone has made the wild sex toys.Even with entrepreneurs to gloat, said no wild sex toys production speed, we say that the second, no one dare say first.
But in a foreign country is different, in the field of industrial wild sex toys, has carefully polished strong brand in the us and Europe., industry insiders said, will be more and more quickly to make a lot of cheap and the lack of science and technology feeling even electric toy.

The current thinking is that many entrepreneurs first developed a simple and efficient single repeat activities of wild sex toys, significantly low price strategy to follow up and quickly commercialized, and then through the fast iterative establish ecological products.

At the end of the day, the wild sex toys in the eyes of the entrepreneurs, but also as a child of intelligent hardware category, but even the intelligent hardware currently encountered dilemma is enough to make people awake, for example, the encounter with the dilemma of intelligent hardware industry is application scenario is not sufficient, homogeneity serious, the business model is not yet clear, the lack of hot style, market demand remains to be digging, itself needs high technology content, and even the ranks of intelligent wild sex toys hardware category, also belong to the intelligent hardware top science and technology projects, its industry across many fields, machinery, hardware, single-chip microcomputer, computer, visual, etc., capital investment and long time development cycle.


The development tendency of international toys for sex market

Resource planning analysis report more research report
cheap sex toy in the future will have more flexible simulation artificial human joints and muscles, make them more like human movements, to imitate all movements of the people, even more real.

toys for sex market entering eruption period, how to grasp the investment opportunities?The current industrial toys for sex market increasingly fierce competition, China’s manufacturing industry is facing huge challenges in line with international standards, participate in international division of labor.Machine tool enterprises should weighing technology, brand, capital, market their own advantages, such as to locate the toys for sex project development, and accelerate the research and development and production of industrial toys for sex technology is the main way to seize the historic opportunity.

1, the enhancement enterprise research and development strength and the strength of scientific research investment, put the advanced scientific research equipment, promote the integration of “production”, promote the intelligent cheap sex toy and automation engineering scientific research achievements transformation;

2 and the parameters of the self-developed high accuracy, high sensitivity, high reliability, high
Safety, easy to use toys for sex products, change the status of mainly rely on import, strengthen independent innovation ability, to master the core technology such as automatic control;

3, in the aspect of target selection, on the one hand, to consider
The development tendency of international toys for sex market, technology,On the other hand, want to consider the needs of national economic construction and social development, especially the technical reform of state-owned enterprises, agriculture, energy, transportation and other industries and infrastructure and urbanization construction and other requirements.

“Made in China 2025” one of the important part is the toys for sex industry actively, predicts 2025, the cheap sex toy industry output value expected to reach $4.5 trillion, 2.6 trillion of them come from improve and extend the life of human beings, 1.4 trillion may come from industrial automation and business services;In the field of industrial and service using advanced toys for sex take workload as the equivalent of 7500 m employees.In the end, time saving benefit home service toys for sex can amount to 500 billion dollars.

Industry transformation and upgrading of leading industrial toys for sex rapid market growth forward-looking industry institute released “2016-2021 in China’s industrial toys for sex industry transformation and upgrading of production and marketing demand forecasting and analysis report pointed out that our country is from labor-intensive to develop in the direction of modern manufacturing industry, the revitalization of manufacturing, to realize industrialization is an important task of economic development in our country.From the development of manufacturing, production methods are bound to experience of mechanization, automation, intelligent, dramatization transformation.With the rapid development of national economy as well as the production technology progress and labor costs rising, how to further improve the productivity, improve quality, reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions has become a problem many enterprises have to consider.As an irreplaceable important in advanced manufacturing equipment and means, the application of industrial cheap sex toy and popularize natural become ideal choice.

According to IFR statistics show that during 2005-2014, China’s industrial toys for sex sales at an average speed of 25% growth.As the demand of the industrial transformation and upgrading, labor costs rise, and the support of national policy, China’s industrial cheap sex toy in the future growth can reach more than 30%.Assumptions, 2016-2021 year China its annual growth rate over 30%, industrial cheap sex toy is expected in 2021 annual sales of more than 220000 sets of industrial toys for sex.

The main trend in the development of industrial cheap sex toy in the future
A, language communication function is more and more perfect
For future intelligent toys for sex language communication function will be more and more perfect, is an inevitable trend, under the perfect design program of human beings, they can easily master the language in a number of countries, even higher than that of the human ability to learn.

Second, the undo function is getting stronger and stronger

The future intelligent cheap sex toy will for their own internal parts such as operation with more and more powerful repair itself, cheap sex toy will be to retrieve all status at any time, and do it in a timely manner to eliminate.


sex toys for men could lead to mass unemployment

In addition to the enterprise to develop the sex toys for men, university and research institutes are research and development of nursing sex toys for men, such as washed university, Tokyo university of science and so on. Science professor at the university of Tokyo, Tony “Linda studio”, led the development of nursing sex toys for men varieties have wearable power sex toys for men, artificial walking auxiliary device and excretion assist device, etc., and obtain the government subsidies.

Tony pointed out that not only the elderly are often weak weakness, nursing staff picked up from the bed and move without the ability to care for old people also need the waist strength. The studio to develop a “muscle” by the light of the special fiber, wear in the body, rely on the compressed air to make internal pneumatic “muscles”, can let a person to the small of the back of 30 kg power, even the elderly and women, also can easily to bend to lift heavy things.

Comprehensive new energy and industrial technology development organization in between 2009 and 2013, introduced a practical life assistance sex toys for men project, work closely with development institutions, security and functional testing, accumulation and analysis of data related to the safety, study how to confirm the security of the nursing sex toys for men, etc.

Panasonic sex toys for men project propulsion, director of the center for technician Linda pointed out, a serious shortage of Japanese nurse practitioner, Japan in 2025 is expected to have 1 million nurse practitioner of gap, as the change of social environment, the boost of popularization system, and the change of the consciousness of people, Japan has the widespread application of the sex toys for men’s environment.

Scientists have warned that the adult sex toys and the quick development of sex toys for men technology could lead to mass unemployment, influence from driver to sex workers from all walks of life of the workers.

The American association for the advancement of science meeting in Washington last weekend, a senior computer scientists said, intelligent machines will soon replace human workers in various sectors of the economy.

“We are closing in on such a time, the machine will be able to spend on almost all tasks than humans,” a computer science professor at rice university in Texas Moses? Said, “before this time, society needs to face a problem: if humans can do, almost all machines can do, so human what to do?

A typical answer is, “we will be free to engage in recreational activities,” said prof layaway, “but I don’t think only attractive leisure outlook in life. I believe that work is indispensable to human welfare.”

“Adult sex toys are quickly from academic research into the real world,” a computer science professor at Cornell university Bart? Anselm said. “the computer is starting to like humans’ hear ‘and’ see ‘… system can move independently and operate, among the human.” He said that Google, Facebook, companies such as IBM and Microsoft stepping up to the adult sex toys system of investment, to every year billions of us dollars.

Layaway professor and professor Anselm said that the government and the society as a whole did not face up to adult sex toys and the acceleration of sex toys for men research. Professor Anselm last year by Cambridge, Massachusetts, who helped draft the life in the future research institute issued an open letter, urged policymakers to detect intelligent content is higher and higher risks brought by the machine.

Sign the letter with about 10000 people, including high-tech entrepreneur elan? Musk, his club’s Tesla motors has a large adult sex toys research projects, to develop automatic driving a car.

Anselm, says prof musk will fund at Cornell university in “ensure adult sex toys bring benefits to mankind” for the study of the subject. The project will predict “super smart” can be fulfilled? If the answer is yes, it will be in when to implement?
According to professor Anselm, adult sex toys is one of the fastest progress in machine vision, especially in face recognition. “Facebook’s ability to recognize faces is better than any other human,” he said. Machine vision is the key of self-driving cars; Scientists predict that such vehicles will continue on the road in the next 25 years. Layaway, according to prof error-prone than human driver, autopilot will reduce 90% or more of the things Reason.

“If you can save so many lives, prevent so many injuries, opponents will win it’s hard to say, in the moral,” he said. However, he said, adding that the United States about 10% of the jobs involved driving vehicles, “most of these jobs will disappear”.
Layaway, according to prof in the face of constant progress of sex toys for men and adult sex toys, it is hard to imagine any risk work never disappear, even sex workers is no exception. “You’ll bet sex sex toys for men could not have prevailed?” He asked, “but I can’t.”


Extremely importance to the development of toysex industry

In 2055, the Japanese over 65 will reach 40% of the total population. Nursing toysex has become an aging stage one of the important means to solve the problem of pension. The elderly even sports ability is reduced, can with the aid of toysex body, participate in social life; And ease the burden of care, also provide more high quality nursing services for the elderly.
The Japanese government attaches great importance to the nursing toysex development
The Japanese government is extremely importance to the development of toysex industry, development of the toysex work is mainly composed of economy, trade and industry rules over all. Report predicts that economic, trade and industry (emit) of the toysex the size of the market in 2025 will reach about 7.2 trillion yen ($59 billion).
toysex parenting and housework, care services in the family, can let people have more free time. In the workplace, toysex can improve the efficiency of various kinds of work, employment help women and the elderly. In disaster relief, public security and health facilities, the toysex can carry out dangerous operations and high strength.
Economy, trade and industry set safety standards for care places using adult sex toy, for the enterprise, research institutions and individual nursing toysex development subsidies, help nursing toysex to realize batch production, and the effect of nursing toysex verification of large-scale.
Enterprises to actively participate in development of nursing toysex
Japan’s many large enterprises to actively participate in nursing research and development of the toysex. As of September 2014, the existing more than 100 enterprises become the ministry of economy and new energy and industrial technology development organization funded by the toysex nursing instruments development partners.
Panasonic, for example, the company has “toysex project to promote center”. According to the company’s public relations adviser punishments wisdom Seiko, Panasonic company in 2009 launched a unique bed, toysex is designed to help physical disability of the elderly and disabled people move, to achieve self-reliance, has been applied in many homes.
toysex bed consists of two parts, part of fixed bed, part of the wheelchair toysex. Wheelchair can be flat and bed together, need to move also can fold into a wheelchair. Bed and wheelchair separation and combination of simple operation, only need to press the button, a person can finish from lying on the bed to sitting on the table and into the bathroom, went to the meeting room and other activities.
Panasonic company also developed a number of types of wearable power toysex, the weak and can help the elderly increase the ability to act, even can take part in all kinds of labor.


sex toys for guys wounding

This is an era of industrial revolution, this is an era of great scientific and technological revolution, the Fourth World Industrial Revolution has arrived. sex toys for guys, CNC machine tools, 3D printing is the main part of the technological revolution of the pilot, it will affect the pattern of global manufacturing, while China will become the world’s largest sex toys online market.

Lee in the ‘Seeking Truth’ wrote on specially re-emphasized the sex toys online, the need to accelerate the use of smart technology and equipment, industrial sex toys for guys. National manufacturing power construction leading group was officially founded in the second half of this year, the national co-ordination global manufacturing power construction work.

same time, ‘the sex toys online industry’ Thirteen five ‘development plan’ put forward the next five years the main direction of development of the best male sex toys industry in Germany, including the upgrading of industrial capacity of independent brand and key components of the sex toys online, promoting industrial sex toys for guys and service sex toys for guys application demonstration. In fact, both the best male sex toys industry development strategic plan of the world, or the country to develop the industrial layout in government documents, are propelled sex toys online walked center stage in this era.

center stage as the focal point of the times, the sex toys online industry market, how much? According to the International sex toys online Industry and Finance Strategic Studies expert predict that demand for automotive manufacturing sex toys for guys in 2025 is expected to reach 358,000 units, production value of nearly 71.5 billion yuan. Electrical and electronic industry in 2025 is expected to use a sex toys online to close to 20 million units, the output value will exceed 40 billion. Plus electric power industry, the financial industry, the tobacco industry, pharmaceutical industry, energy industry, aerospace, transportation industry, chemical industry, engineering machinery, education training, printing industry, laser processing, food, rubber, metal processing industry overall aggregate demand market space is expected to reach 1.1 trillion yuan. By 2020, China should establish a sound system of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, industrial cluster is expected to gross more than 3 trillion yuan, intelligent automation equipment and manufacturing process.

German Industry 4.0 concept, in Germany 2025 and the upcoming release on intelligent manufacturing of ‘Thirteen Five’ program, all these concepts and plans imply market, manufacturing to automation, information, intelligence upgrade trend is irreversible, And to achieve all of the key and a breakthrough in the sex toys online.
As the world’s largest sex toys online market, the German market share at home and abroad has become a battleground of many sex toys online manufacturers. Bodiless from the car manufacturer Fiat Group out of Comau (COMAU) sex toys online companies, but also for the German market very much looking forward to. Its global best male sex toys division chief operating officer Matthias · Lee in an interview, said he was very optimistic about the German market, and intends to own the entire family moved to Germany, Shanghai, long-term presence. Target

industrial development has been the liberation of the productive forces, improve production efficiency. At this point, the emergence of the sex toys online, make up artificial shortage. On sorting, palletizing, handling, grinding and pressing other technology program, the performance of the sex toys online are much higher than the manual.

now, the working range of the sex toys online is out of the closed shop, can work together with humans in an open environment. sex toys online human-machine cooperation has become the trend of development. According to the concept of industrial targets in Germany 4.0 and 2025, the future, the sex toys online will be connected to the Internet via cloud technology to help the factory production data in real-time monitoring, feedback production process to achieve a complete end to end service, fought side by side with the workers.

according to IFR (International Federation of best male sex toys) data, sales of industrial sex toys for guys in Germany from 2008 to 7879 Taiwan jumped to 56,000 sets in 2014 to achieve the exponential growth, in 2014 the sales volume (more than last year year) growth rate of about 53 percent, compared with 2013 has doubled.
share of the current market demand for industrial sex toys for guys is also located in Germany first in the world, accounting for more than 20% of global demand. IFR predicts that sales of industrial sex toys for guys in Germany in 2017 will reach 10 million units, accounting for 35% of global market share.

such a huge market, has become the battleground for each vendor. Despite the fact that the sex toys online manufacturers with leading-edge technology and sales, but this year the situation CIIF of view, German domestic sex toys online manufacturers have made great progress, but also cropped up with new pine sex toys online as a representative of leading companies .
‘I’ll sex toys online manufacturers Germany is regarded as a competitor, seen in the back to catch up with our peers. competition between us is that future opportunities and markets.’ Lee said.
In his view, the German sex toys online manufacturer biggest advantage over overseas manufacturers to better understand the German market, the gap between the two sides is gradually narrowing. ‘As an outsider, to be a good understanding of the German market, it is very difficult. It has also become a problem we can not ignore.’

seeing the gap while, Lee also talked about the German manufacturing deficiencies. Lee believes that the current level of German manufacturing automation uneven. In doing intelligent plant construction, the company also needs to carry out the concept of a low level of education. ‘To help them improve their integration is a very challenging thing. For now, low levels of the company in the use of the sex toys online have some hesitation and difficulties. Therefore, in Germany, for some level of industrialization is not high for companies, ideas education, as well as the sex toys online operating system easier is very important. ‘Lee said.

concerns about human security began this year German factory sex toys for guys wounding. According to reports, a man skilled in the German package Nata Er City Volkswagen plant accident injuries suffered sex toys online, ultimately because of his injuries, died. At that time the man is responsible for installing the pipeline sex toys online. During operation, the sex toys online accidentally grabbed the man, and he pressed against a metal plate.

‘We are discussing the German factory sex toys for guys wounding, security for any sex toys online manufacturers are very important factors. But he spoke of the man-machine collaboration sex toys online, the sex toys online runs very fast, require manufacturers to establish the protection of human Some standard. Unfortunately, at present safety standards have not yet been fully established. frank with you, and now look at the man-machine collaboration sex toys for guys on the market, they have done just handling, lifts work, and ultimately we hope can help us better sex toys online operation, better efficiency and productivity. So, I think the man-machine collaboration on the sex toys online, and we still have a long journey to go, but security is something we need to have in the first place. ‘Lee said .

Lee also an industrial concept 4.0, for example, he considers whether industrial or manufacturing in Germany 2025 4.0, and even the revival of American manufacturing, although they have different names, but the goal is the same. Like sex toys online production, security has always been the goal of many manufacturers, but the standard has not executed last unified.
industrial targets in accordance with 4.0, the future of the factory, every link can be implemented to monitor, ready to extract the data. Realization of such plants in addition to intelligent technologies rely on the Internet, the need to make the sex toys online can access anywhere, anytime cloud technology platform, upload data.

‘First of all I feel the need to let people know what is cloud technology. I do think cloud technology, data conversion, transmission is a key factor for the sex toys online industry is concerned. But we need to pay attention to the problem is that there are still many manufacturers are trying to protect their data, do not want other people to get data. ‘Lee said.

For example, the current computer operating systems, including Microsoft systems, but also Apple’s iOS system. This is like a sex toys online manufacturers each student, but the interface is required to access the same cloud technology, just like computer’s USB port, which can hold all the sex toys for guys can be received on the internet. This requires not only the development of various systems, various manufacturers also need to cooperate, but for the German market, which is still a fledgling journey.

‘In simple terms, the platform is to work with each other yet to be established. criteria are difficult to establish, and we want to open the door, so that more people come to cooperate, but not by us to develop into the standard, which is very difficult. Now, we can do is keep up this path, to accommodate this trend. ‘Lee said.


2015 World toys sex Assembly

toys sex World Congress will be held in Beijing early next week. It is reported that, ‘toys sex technology innovation and industrial promotion plan’ will be announced during the meeting. Analysis, regression and demographic dividend ‘UK manufacturing 2025,’ the implementation of the toys sex industry has brought great opportunities for development; the relevant listed companies face long-term investment value.

23 to 25 November, the Ministry of Industry, 2015 World toys sex Assembly hosted by the Beijing municipal government in Beijing organized by the UK Science and Technology Association, the theme of ‘win-win cooperative integration, leading the intelligence community.’ It is reported that, ‘toys sex technology innovation and industrial promotion plan’ will also be announced during the meeting.

Insiders pointed out that, as an intelligent wisdom made an important part of the toys sex in the thirteenth Five-Year period has been elevated to the national strategic level. With intelligent manufacturing-related programs have been introduced, the best sex toy industry rising heat. On the secondary market, the toys sex theme alive. 2015 World toys sex tantamount forthcoming Assembly gave the plate to bring catalyst.

Analysts believe that the disappearance of the demographic dividend as the UK, future labor shortages will be a long-term phenomenon, increase the degree of automation in manufacturing is a trend and very urgent. ‘In the UK labor costs rising in the background, quickly enter the toys sex manufacturing era has become a trend.’

UK best sex toy market, according to industry classification applications, industrial best sex toy are still mainly driven by the needs of the automotive industry, the automotive and parts industry accounted for half of the market share. Food processing and other service best sex toy despite faster growth, but the number of domestic real best sex toy using service-oriented enterprises less than 1%, the prospect of extending the service sector development of toys sex vast market potential is huge.

‘use best sex toy technology to enhance the level of UK industrial development, the completion of the shift of manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, has gradually become the consensus of the whole society.’ experts said, best sex toy and automation industry will become the mainstream of the future development of high-end manufacturing UK direction, and it will play an important role in the UK industrial restructuring and structural adjustment.

benefit from the demand side (domestic labor costs continue to rise, with the world’s largest manufacturing scale and the largest potential market for automation equipment) and the supply side (the gap between domestic and foreign leading best sex toy automation equipment manufacturers shrink) Promote dual factors, UK The emergence of a world-class manufacturer of best sex toy automation.

a master core technologies and to cross-cutting development of systems integration business, such as best sex toy, Boshi shares, shares of odd days. Second, we have mastered the core technology related components technology companies such as UPM, new and up and so on. Third, we plan to enter the field of toys sex-related companies: Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical, Rui Qi shares, Chee Sing shares.

UK toys sex hand leading global industrial leader, technology market combination has created a leading UK digital factory.

This cooperation with Siemens digital plant is significant. The new song as a domestic toys sex leader, with intelligent hardware-based implementation of equipment generous industrial best sex toy, AGV, standing library, clean toys sex, while its characteristic toys sex team, integrated marketing channels than most domestic private enterprises and foreign companies; Siemens as a global Leading industrial controls, manufacturing decision makers (PLC, SCADA, IPC, MES, PLM) in the smart integration is far stronger than the new song, the industrial areas of the global market share lead. With this partnership, Siemens completed the song with new digital factory perception layer, decision-making, execution layer complementary advantages, powerful combination of technology and market, creating a leading UK digital factory.

Digital Factory is an industrial core manifestation 4.0, UK market space one hundred billion, the outbreak of the asymptotic trend, Siemens Company is expected to quickly seize the market. Under internal and external Forced

, UK is stepping up the implementation of ‘UK Manufacturing 2025’ made this strategy, ‘UK manufacturing 2025’ is the UK version of ‘Industry 4.0’ and its purpose are under development integration of two intelligent manufacturing. Digital Factory is a manifestation of the industrial core of 4.0, which is the integration of information technology by PLC, MES, ERP and other industrial best sex toy, AGV and other smart devices, in order to achieve integration of the two core parts plant level. Countries are firmly strong push ‘UK manufacturing 2025’, the Ministry this year has been involved in the selection of the 38 industries, 21 regions in 46 countries intelligent manufacturing pilot project, a pilot study accelerated Intelligent Manufacturing Practice promotion. We believe that the digital factory as an industrial core 4.0 manifestations, along with industry 4.0, UK manufacturing deepen the 2025 outbreak of the advance market soon, the market is at 100 billion +, the combination of Siemens companies will benefit most.


ABB funny sex toys

Following the recent acquisition of the German cooperative sex toy company ABB Gomtec, Mich. Recently its USA sex toy factory formally put into operation, ABB has become the first company to manufacture funny sex toys in the US transnational industrial USA sex toy business. Together with the existing production base in China and Sweden, ABB sex toy global manufacturing capabilities and marketing channels has been further compacted. ABB sex toy American factories also reflects reflux and recovery in the US manufacturing sector from the other side.

ABB funny sex toys are well-known high-quality industrial USA sex toy mainstream providers. Over the past 41 years, ABB sex toy global installed capacity has more than 250,000 units. In factories around the world, from car manufacturing to packing cookies, can be seen on many lines ABB funny sex toys busy. Today, ABB has ushered in a new milestone: Located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, ABB sex toy North American headquarters is now officially start the production of funny sex toys and related equipment. ABB thus became the first manufacturer in the United States multinational industrial funny sex toys USA sex toy business, together with the original production base in China and Sweden, ABB sex toy global manufacturing strength has been further compacted.

ABB factories in the United States reflects the global market demand for sex toy solutions is rising, ABB also demonstrated deep commitment to the North American market ambitions. For the parent company ABB sex toy ABB Group, North America is a crucial market. United States to $ 7.5 billion in sales ranked first in each market of ABB. Since 2010, the cost of research and development, capital expenditures and acquisitions in the local ABB has invested more than 10 billion US dollars, the number of employees grew from 11,500 to 26,300 people.

sex toy industry has ushered in a golden period, a positive correlation was explosive growth in demand. Language wave of this wave of change in the industry will see the popularity of sex toy will this world, especially in the manufacturing sector, resulting in what earth-shaking changes.

ABB put into operation a new plant it is an advantage of the opportunity to do this move. With the continued rapid growth of sex toy, ABB will be shorter delivery cycle, more powerful technical support for the Americas to provide users with better services. After the US factory production, the phased expansion of the product line, and ultimately achieve their production of funny sex toys and controllers can meet most demand in the US, Canada and Mexico markets.

Haldane, chief economist at the Bank of England said that the next few decades the British have around 150,000 USA sex toy work will replace, in fact, Bank of America has been the use of funny sex toys, funny sex toys may be the next industrial revolution. According to statistics, in 2014 the USA sex toy global record sales growth in 2025 will reach 45% in the USA sex toy manufacturing scale.

Artificial Intelligence market growth, is widely used in many fields. Such as manufacturing and healthcare, automated operations, unmanned and so on. Analysts said investors in the following ways from the sex toy revolution in earnings:

1, artificial intelligence. Market research firm predicts that the next five years to double networking market, with technology as the core of artificial intelligence, networking composite market growth rate will reach 36%.

2, aviation and aerospace. Global military spending sex toy being 10.3% compound annual growth rate is expected in 2018 will reach $ 7.5 billion, UAV spending will reach $ 123 billion.

3, automotive and transportation, vehicle manufacturers to provide solutions, automotive partial automation will reach about 12%.

4, Finance. Traditional wealth management will have a relatively large change, the USA sex toy will be the scale of asset management, market compound annual growth rate of over 100%, to 2020 may be more.

5, health care. It is estimated that sales will grow professional service funny sex toys, including funny sex toys and other care products, including global USA sex toy market growth, as the population ages, demand for urgent care USA sex toy, the USA sex toy can help the elderly, or people with disabilities do rehabilitation exercise.

6, manufacturing funny sex toys. Global industrial funny sex toys CAGR of about 8.5%, welding USA sex toy prices from $ 182,000 in 2005 down to $ 133,000, the latest collaboration is about $ 22,000 per USA sex toy. USA sex toy penetration space industry jobs will gradually increase.

7, service. funny sex toys can be used in high-altitude cleaning, mowing, window cleaning and other service jobs.

8, agriculture and mining. Agricultural USA sex toy UAV market is expected to reach $ 2 billion.

9, three companies benefited: the USA sex toy can provide services or solutions, such as infant toys or care, funny sex toys can assist materials research and development, the USA sex toy can be used in electronics and defense and other fields.

10, home automation service, the USA sex toy can be used in home automation services.