Ali announced the first healthy domestic quality standards for adult supplies

Editor\’s note: adult toy is a toy for adults to play with physical activities to assist human sexuality. With the gradual opening of modern people\’s thinking, the quality of sexual love is also getting higher and higher, so adult products are entering more people\’s daily life. But due to special and sensitive, since each platform for Adult supplies supervision are not very strict, so that some unscrupulous businesses can take advantage of, in the face of this situation, Ali Health decided not to silence! Inflatable dolls and adult toys with too much noise; use of lubricants but not skin…… AIDS lovemaking is very ashamed of privacy, user complaints; even complaints, it is often because of lack of rights to industry standard…… However, for such adult supplies shopping experience, Ali health should say \”no\”. 0\”Teletext independentThe Qixi Festival day, Ali announced the \”health\” technical specification for quality Adult supplies, in compliance with the standard Adult supplies, to the platform in the Alibaba\’s on-line sales, occurrence of shopping disputes will have to be. This is also the first quality standard for adult products industry in china.The introduction of technical specifications, including the \”adult appeal toy products technical specifications\”, \”human body lubricants technical specifications.\”. By Ali health certification company, Vico Shenzhen Academy of Metrology and quality inspection for.Fill gaps in the industry to enhance the shopping experienceStandard in August 15th, Tmall quality control publicity to businesses, from December 1st onwards, will become mandatory quality standards platform. Tmall adult supplies follow-up merchants settled, will require businesses to provide compliance with the quality standards of test reports. At the same time, settled in Tmall, the platform will also be based on quality standards, sampling adult supplies. Subsequent, the standard will also apply to other platforms Alibaba.Why new rules? Ali health quality control person Zhang said that this is the consumer needs to do the upgrade rules. \”We passed on Adult supplies consumption data (refunds, etc.) analysis, found that consumers have some unpleasant experience: for example, rough work, erotic noise, material discrepancies, discomfort after use. However, there is no national and industry standards and other quality standards in consumer products, and these problems are difficult to judge by consumers when dealing with disputes. In addition, some safety indicators, such as heavy metals, preservatives and other toxic and harmful substances, there is no corresponding quality limit requirements, lack of consumer safety protection.\”\”Personal appeal toys, health, safety is more important.\”. Although from the national standard, the sale of goods are compliant, but in terms of conscience, Ali health quality control team, has the responsibility to improve quality control, before the shelves of goods on the gatekeeper, better service everyone.\” Zhang Huinan says.Multi-party joint development of new regulations 0\”After determining the direction, detection mechanism, Ali Health Organization Adult supplies brand with the first Adult supplies industry. Ali health through big data, analysis of consumer pain points, testing institutions to provide professional knowledge, to participate in the brand side, then the feasibility of feedback on the standards. At the same time, through the Tmall platform commodity sampling, calibration and adjustment of the standard data indicators, and ultimately formed a \”adult appeal toy products technical specifications\”, \”human body lubricants technical specifications.\”.Among them, the adult appeal toys, refers to rely on physical function, to help people\’s sexual behavior for adults to play toys. The new standards have made detailed technical requirements for the appearance, structure, electrical performance, mechanical performance, safety performance, environmental adaptability and harmful substances of adult toy products. The human body lubricant refers to various kinds of dosage forms lubricant used to lubricate the human body cavity or the body surface and to increase the human body\’s pleasant sensation or comfort. The specification specifies the technical requirements, test methods and marking, packaging, transportation and storage of human lubricants. The utility model is suitable for household human body lubricant and human body massage oil sold in various platforms of Alibaba.\”Although there is no GB, but the rules also refer to the relevant standards. For example, adult products focus on toys, safety, electronic and electrical safety standards; human lubricants refer to cosmetic safety technical specifications.\” Zhang Huinan says.Wyke certification testing Co., Ltd. Yao Huamin introduced: \”more than 85% of adult appeal products made in China, but the lack of public standards for the industry has always been a drawback.\”. At the request of Alibaba, the company aims to protect the rights and interests of consumers, differentiate the grades of products, establish the brand value of products and standardize the platform of Ali, and help formulate the technical specifications for adult toy products.\”Shenzhen Academy of Metrology and quality inspection by Tong said: \”we want to borrow\” lubricant \”technical specifications for the introduction of the supply chain from the source specification for enterprise product quality, production enterprises through the regulatory body lubricant\” mist \”, promote industrial upgrading. At the same time, we will also integrate resources, continue to provide technical support for platform and enterprise to improve product quality, use technology to standardize product quality, and protect the life of consumers with quality.\”It is reported that the rules on the line, the platform will be cleaned up inferior goods, consumers buy adult supplies are not satisfied, rights will be based on. At the same time, Ali health also welcomed the production enterprises, direct reference to Ali\’s quality standards for production.(original title: Ali Health announced the first domestic adult supplies industry quality standards)