Condoms – Bill, Gates, Chen Weide, who is more careful?

Abstract: Recently, there have been several sexual incidents in the field of condoms. Among them, the most attention is caused by the \”Guinness world olive condoms refresh the thinnest latex condoms\” record and Bill. Gates announced it will invest in the world\’s thinnest condom two heavy news. Bill. Gates\’s idea is very attractive, but after all, it\’s only a concept. Chen Weide\’s Onie has developed an ultra-thin condom, becoming the latest holder of Guinness\’s world record. In addition, Chen Weide\’s outstanding performance in many high-tech fields has attracted the attention of many international professional organizations. The latest hot topic is TED\’s invitation to Chen Weide as a guest speaker at the high tech conference held at University of Hong Kong in October 4th. 0\”Chen Weide, Bill, GatesIn his speech, Chen Weide introduced: olive code can solve the quality crisis of governments and people in the quite a headache. The quality of the birth certificate \”olive code will give a single product * *\”. To ensure that the product in the production, inspection, sales process, the quality of information disclosure, transparency. It can effectively regulate the responsibility of manufacturers for quality, and create an open and safe consumption environment. It is reported that, Chen Weide also has a number of patents in the world, and in 2009 to become the international contraception Prevention Instrument Branch of the only Chinese expert committee, but also the youngest Expert Committee member. So hard condoms, believe Chen Weide\’s Onie will be better tomorrow.