Scorcher: with the business model with Adult supplies O2O

Editor\’s note: in recent years, Adult supplies huge profits to attract the brightest gold people, also let the market size derived from many brand and many different business models, many enterprises are competing with trying to become a leader in erotic industry. Especially due to the particularity of the industry, Adult supplies self-service vending machine has gradually become the mainstream, but also bring convenience under the problem with time to emerge, so if investors want to operate the vending sex shop, essential to select an ideal brand and high quality equipment. In recent years, the adult goods market, many gold rush, all kinds of brands surging. However, in this stunt, known as 100 billion market share of adult supplies industry, so far no giant appears. Many entrepreneurs are trying to embrace the sunrise industry and try to be the bellwether of the industry. But as the current development looks, the chances of success are not optimistic. In the reporter visited the market understand and Adult supplies store, the reporter was surprised to find that in the sales Adult supplies the market emergence of a new business model, which is by the respected \”store five a scorcher shop\” O2O closed-loop business model Adult supplies operating strategy. Scorcher Adult supplies vending machine with vending sales model, do not need to hire the office staff in store sales, but also do not need to look for trouble to the downtown area, from looking for housing, rental, decoration and a series of trivial things. As an investor, you only need to invest in the appropriate funds. You don\’t have to quit your job. Fourth, the biggest advantage of scorcher Adult supplies is without any inventory, and investors can enjoy one-stop shop assistant promotions.