Pushing sex doll industry

According to reports, the Advanced Institute of intelligent bionic center has been built, human-computer interaction centers such as the eight centers. In September, the Chinese Academy of intelligent man-machine collaborative system Laboratory approved. The team consists of nerve reconstruction, machine learning, intelligent control, human-computer interaction, machine vision, speech recognition, touch sensing, motion sensing, three-dimensional reconstruction of the intersection of a dozen researchers and more than twenty research associate, senior engineer and other key components. Now focus on moving to the international advanced level.

Meanwhile, the hospital has been involved in four advanced international / national standards sex doll work; build a sex doll incubator business incubator 6, more than 20 technology transfer.

In the first set foot in the sex doll industry, sex dolls and automation manufacturers nearly a thousand, the output value of more than 20 billion yuan last year. Whether it is output, or the rapid expansion of the industry, Advanced Institute undeniable contributions.

For the Pearl River Delta manufacturing, particularly in 3C and small sex doll manufacturers, Advanced Institute has become a success and protect their “cradle.”

In mid-June of this year, Ryan Co., Ltd. has successfully developed China’s first stamping offline sex doll and put into use, and soon received a stamping factory orders. The company’s founder, Dr. Chang  as “people plan” talent, home business so far in 2007, it led the company to maintain rapid growth in recent years, customers are mainly from the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta in the automotive industry. Currently, the company’s new plant will be commissioned by the end of it.

“Corporate R & D headquarters must be located here, the sustained support of the nearest hospital in advanced.” Chang said that in the “Science in China Daily” reporters.

Advanced Institute of cooperative enterprises, Silver Star Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. The deputy general manager, told reporters, in particular, the market demand for service sex dolls intelligent cleaning sex doll is large, with a solid R & D capabilities, the Silver Star and the pace of development prospects are very impressive.