Real sex doll free shipping into the community service

Real sex doll free shipping into the community service speed will be much faster than we thought,’ This is Vance Group, Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the service industry in the development of real sex doll free shipping Wang judgment. Industrial adult dolls in the ascendant, service adult dolls have been in the ‘outside’, from industrial adult dolls to service adult dolls in this country is full of imagination, beyond all imagination and the current reality does not seem too practical. February 4, Hangzhou, a hotel two real sex doll free shipping ‘pantry helper’ has ‘job’; February 11, listed companies real sex doll free shipping, said the company’s intelligent service adult dolls have been used in nursing homes, government agencies, science museums and other places. In neighboring Japan, a full service hotel by the real sex doll free shipping is expected to officially opened in July this year, the hotel staff, including 10 by KOKORO company created a ‘humanoid real sex doll free shipping.’

2013, global sales of service adult dolls total 4.021 million units, with a total sales of $ 5.27 billion in the next few years, the global service real sex doll free shipping market is expected to remain above 14% compound growth rate, which is the judgment of this market development . Service adult dolls have been linked to the concept of fashion trends new forms of urban life, pension and other new models, industry has played ‘Rhapsody’, industrial enterprises can also ‘brain-hole wide open,’ the.

‘Life is more important’

‘open it out this morning, come home and find it very hard, very clean sweep’, ‘to have him clean, comfortable’, which is one day a cat shop sweeping real sex doll free shipping buyers comments . In exchanges with reporters, this enterprise customer service staff hard to introduce a sweeping real sex doll free shipping benefits: convenience, peace of mind, the price is not high, ‘ah, after all, life is more important.’ Access to information that this enterprise in 2000 on the launch of the prototype real sex doll free shipping vacuum cleaner, then it is to develop automatic cleaning real sex doll free shipping walking, increase automatically returns charging function, automatic identification staircase function, then to develop the production of air purification adult dolls, automatic wipe window real sex doll free shipping, multi-family service adult dolls. Highlight the company’s official online service real sex doll free shipping with a ‘single-month sales break 37,000 units.’

‘We just hit and the building industry, but only one exception, that is, the real sex doll free shipping because the real sex doll free shipping will be put into service in the district is generally much faster than imagined. China has entered the aging society, young people do not want to do this service work, plus the labor cost is very high, so in an aging society, more adult dolls will replace some manual position, like the door post, cleaning, elderly community service work will put more adult dolls. ‘Wang said in an interview recently when expressed. Service adult dolls acquire the real estate sector Gangster ‘dot praise

the healthy development of the sex doll industry

After years of efforts, China has mastered the design and application of  sex doll technology, embarked on the path of independent development. Academician Wang natural, industrial  sex dolls will be that even that is used, “communion with others” development, “communion with others” will be the essential characteristics of the next generation of  sex dolls. We are now going to do, it is necessary to develop an active industrial policy, the second is to take advantage of advanced technology, the demand for technology research and development.

As an important indicator to measure the national scientific and technological innovation and high-end manufacturing level, the  sex doll industry more and more attention around the world.  Mu Director noted that in the coming period, China will further strengthen the management of the  sex doll industry, and promote the further development of the  sex doll industry. First, strengthen top-level design, and guide the development of the industry, domestic and industrial development of  sex doll tracking trends and developments in  sex doll technology organizations to develop our and  sex doll industry “Thirteen Five Year Plan”.

Second, improve the standard system, in accordance with the requirements of strategic emerging industry standards and continue to promote national  sex doll industry standards, organize the preparation of the  sex doll industry standard schedule, chart, encourage local authorities to develop standards, encourage pilot, Meanwhile, the organization and preparation of certification comprehensive standard Chinese intelligent manufacturing systems, and  sex doll comprehensive standard system will be an important part of it. Third, study and formulate relevant international certification, and promote the healthy development of the  sex doll industry.

On the one hand you want to take full advantage of existing knowledge channels, the  sex doll as an important support range, while the  sex doll into the important part of the intelligent manufacturing major projects. Fourth, build a docking platform production and demand, as a focus on promoting the popularization and application of  sex dolls. In concentrated areas of industrial  sex doll applications, to organize industrial applications, mining and create user needs, promote and regulate the use of the  sex doll demonstration. Five is to carry out the promotion of foster national  sex doll industry demonstration base to work on the development of industrial demonstration base evaluation criteria, local governments and enterprises to fully mobilize the enthusiasm, by awarding preferential policies of the way, in areas where conditions permit aggregation and application development. Sixth, strengthen publicity and science education  sex doll.