The Universiade will be supplied with 30 thousand European and American size condoms

According to reports, the world Universiade manufacturers approaching footsteps, full sponsorship, $1 million 560 thousand for a total of 30 thousand games players making condoms, from size to packaging are tailored specially printed on the \”bear like\” pattern, must be a cumbersome inspection before shipment. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the Taiwan local manufacturers special mold to create \”Europe size\” condoms, players from around the world to meet the demand, to tell the truth, to create \”Europe size\” condoms this move is really human ah!


the gap between American sex dolls

Blow up sex dolls industry as the ‘Pearl of manufacturing the crown’, this pearl shine in 2014, this year is also considered the first year of American’s blow up sex dolls industry. And a few years ago after deliberation, the sex dolls industry in 2015 also enters the explosive growth stage.

Development is in transition to advanced manufacturing Yangtze River Delta region, the rapid development of the sex dolls industry. Among them, the industrial scale in 2020 is expected to reach American blow up sex dolls 600-80000000000 Yuan; Zhejiang cultivated seven trillion level industry; blow up sex dolls are manufacturing spokesperson; Jiangsu sex dolls industry with an average annual growth of 25% in 2017 to reach 100 billion Yuan scale.

American has become American’s largest industrial blow up sex dolls industry gathering area, four major international giant blow up sex dolls are equipped with institutions, domestic enterprises have also settled down, formed a research and development, production, application and other relatively complete industrial chain, gathering a Batch body and features enterprises, systems integrators, related universities and research institutes.

But compared to Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries, the gap between American sex dolls industries is very obvious. CIIF last year, ABB blow up sex dolls arms show Yuma been able to meet the needs of flexible and agile manufacturing as the worlds first truly human-machine Collaboration accomplish the same task across ages.

American to solve the core features dependent on foreign technology, independent body corporate not scale, independent research and development of blow up sex dolls is difficult to meet market requirements and other issues, last year put forward five initiatives, including: promoting the opening up and development of the sex dolls industry, build the sex dolls industry service platform and innovative sex dolls industry development model, to explore the establishment of the sex dolls industry to increase equipment fund and the first (set) policy support.

March of this year, American Vice Mayor of American reached a new cycle depth (30.20, 1.48, 5.15%) sex dolls company, research the development of American’s industrial blow up sex dolls industry, he asked all departments and industry associations to focus on improving the blow up sex dolls industry’s core competitiveness force, scientific planning, rational distribution, build industry chain, to enhance the value chain. To encourage enterprises to adopt a ‘fund + base’ market-oriented mode of operation, increase investment in research, and actively promote the product applications, and promote the healthy and rapid development of American sex dolls industry.