Former premier league leader announced condom launch in China, a variety of fruit flavor

Abstract: Asprilla said: \”I will recommend guava type of condoms. When I was a child, I had a guava tree in my back garden, which was very suitable for romantic things.\”.\” 0\”Asprilla (left) was deeply loved during his stay at Newcastle 0\”Columbia legend shooterSina sports news League football players will be engaged in what career? Coach? Guest speaker? Brokers? The former Newcastle striker Wang Asipulila choice I will let everybody be startled at. In an interview with Columbia radio La FM, Asprilla officially announced that it would launch its own condom brand, \”Tino\”\”.\”I think it\’s a cool idea,\” Asprilla said. \”I really hope to prevent more teenagers from accidentally getting pregnant without any preparation.\”.\” It is reported that the condom will contain a variety of flavors and flavors, and has been put into production in china.Asprilla said: \”I will recommend guava type of condoms, when I was a child in the back garden, there is a guava tree, and its smell and aroma is very suitable for doing romantic things.\”.\”Aspen Puglia is one of the most famous in the history of the Columbia star, he played in Serie A Parma had end AC Milan 58 games unbeaten record, for Newcastle also became the team\’s top goalscorer, by the local fans, he officially retired in 2009. Last year, as an adult in Italy had refused to Puglia company about.