Sora Aoi\’s sexy underwear electricity supplier economy, half of buyers for men

Abstract: Sora Aoi\’s sexy underwear electricity supplier economy, half of buyers for men. Star crossover: ControversyStars and artists across the border is not new, but early investment in real estate or catering, and the two years have begun to explore the personal brand of fan effect.Involved in the personal brand of artists, Edison Chan is one of the earlier, the creation of the tide brand CLOT has opened many stores, this year the trend of domestic electricity supplier by YOHO! Has the goods to cover more cooperation in the mainland market. And Mrs. Hilary Tsui, Eason Chan has long launched personal brand OMG, Ku Kui Kei also transition designers in Hongkong shop.Super girl draft origin Shang Wenjie, will also be the identity of counter attack to become \”boss\”, the joint electricity supplier website launched its own brand travel suitcase and headset. With entertainment industry people say, after all, artists eat youth meal, there is no endorsement business, it is difficult to maintain income, with fans of the economy to do personal brand is a good choice.But in a highly popular and controversial Sora Aoi, personal branding is risky. According to the \”First Financial Daily\” reported, very disturbed when Sora Aoi and underwear OEM side Xianyi Dai most begin to contact, afraid to move toward the product \”vulgar\”, after half a year after the communication finally reached a cooperation.Sora Aoi soon became a designer, sewing and sketching in workshops, and looking for reference material to discuss with designers. She said the product was inspired by the black swan, mysterious and elegant, distance and not so far away. Comfortable fabric. \”I want to design healthy, beautiful underwear.\”In May 19th, Sora Aoi revealed on micro-blog, will launch the \”G-self\” empty series underwear brand, quickly attracted attention and forwarding, the current micro-blog has forwarded 27431, comments reached 11664. Although already decided to sell through the socialization of electricity providers, Sora Aoi or sell Meng, to Lei Jun and Niu Wenwen advice, set off a new round of fans discussion boom.Then the 1000 experience places, as well as 5 hours and 28 minutes of Limited sales of 528 sets of underwear, success was quickly grab empty. Up to 1288 yuan per set of underwear prices, as well as the image of Sora Aoi designer identity change, have been affirmed in the market.Even data research said, girls do not exclude Sora Aoi products, but feel very inspirational. And Sora Aoi\’s male fans, many have through this activity began to buy underwear for girlfriend or wife, began to pay for sexy economy.Sora Aoi in the underwear brand settled in Tmall conference is very happy, she said very lucky to participate in the design process of underwear, and for the final presentation of the product is very satisfied, although will not consider jewelry, beauty products design, but is likely to consider the design of men\’s underwear.Accident: half of buyers are male 0\”Sora Aoi and immortal Yi Dai cooperation spakeys seriesA series of interesting data emerged during the spakeys series of collaboration between Sora Aoi and Xian Ling: more than 40% of buyers were male.According to the spakeys brand responsible Ding said, the first time in the Sina micro-blog promotion, found that male buyers reached 40%. Of course, this promotion is mainly aimed at spakeys and Sora Aoi cooperation \”empty series\”, which is obviously related to Aoi Soraemihiro fans, male consumer active is very normal phenomenon.But when the August Sora Aoi series and spakeys settled in Tmall, the entire spakeys brand also showed a male buying trend. According to Tmall August sales data, this month spakeys visitors known gender, male accounted for 36%, women accounted for 42%. In the transaction buyers data, men accounted for 56%, compared with 44% for women.The data also show that buyers account for 22.3% of Zhejiang, followed by 11.5% in Jiangsu province. In terms of age, the purchaser is 25-29 years old, per capita is the absolute main force, occupy 26.3%, followed by 30-39 years old crowd, occupy 22.71%.Xian Yi long engaged in the underwear industry, from foreign brands to the development of their own brands have been 7 years. Mr. Ding said, according to previous sales figures, 99% of women\’s underwear buyers are female consumers, although men have, but very little.\”This is a very unexpected harvest.\” Mr. Ding admitted that the male buying trend means that men began to pay attention to purely female consumer goods, not only to increase consumer groups concerned, but also to carry out emotional transmission of the brand.After Sora Aoi launched the brand underwear, a male fan message for introduction of men, although Sora Aoi retained the possibility of a Tmall settled in the conference, but the spakeys brand will be faster to achieve this demand in male users operating on.Mr. Ding said that before the series of empty and spakeys sales activities, men\’s underwear as a gift, according to sales data feedback, will soon introduce men\’s products. And this product is not only for male consumer groups, but also want to express love through the purchase of female consumer groups.Some analysts believe that this is an important trend in sexy economic development, and consumers have been involved in a number of areas in each other, such as sex toys, the original consumer to male users, according to the fun supplies electricity supplier chunshuitang data, the entire industry has been close to 50% female consumers, the demand is rising economic sexy emotion.Backstage promoter: Yi Xian Dai 0\”Previously, stars do brand, the most headache is the back-end supply chain problems, especially in terms of turnover inventory, even if they are successful customers to attract a large number of fans of clothing brands, it will therefore encounter difficulties. But the development of electricity providers and the Internet makes it easier for stars to cross the border. They are often only responsible for creativity and promotion, and the back-end is completed by partners.Compared with other stars on the personal brand the depth of involvement of the Sora Aoi boundary roles is more creative director