2 years 300W fans, how to create an emotional appeal brand

Editor\’s note: the explosion of red when so many people for this brand felt very curious, so today is a success story behind the analysis of what he. When no taste of convenience stores and automatic condom machine not only can solve several problems in the line of stores, but also can provide a temporary solution urgently and absolute privacy for the user. \”Lulu 24 hours no convenience stores will not appear\” adult \”text\”, from the outside can not see is erotic, came in will find Youbao vending machines like Lulu, scan code to China Unicom online store products, but also facilitate the unified management of the background. As for the supply of products, it will be based on the location of each convenience store, the sale of irregular replacement. Feng Huaping used four words to describe when the strategy: \”Shouzheng surprisingly\”.