sex toys for guys wounding

This is an era of industrial revolution, this is an era of great scientific and technological revolution, the Fourth World Industrial Revolution has arrived. sex toys for guys, CNC machine tools, 3D printing is the main part of the technological revolution of the pilot, it will affect the pattern of global manufacturing, while China will become the world’s largest sex toys online market.

Lee in the ‘Seeking Truth’ wrote on specially re-emphasized the sex toys online, the need to accelerate the use of smart technology and equipment, industrial sex toys for guys. National manufacturing power construction leading group was officially founded in the second half of this year, the national co-ordination global manufacturing power construction work.

same time, ‘the sex toys online industry’ Thirteen five ‘development plan’ put forward the next five years the main direction of development of the best male sex toys industry in Germany, including the upgrading of industrial capacity of independent brand and key components of the sex toys online, promoting industrial sex toys for guys and service sex toys for guys application demonstration. In fact, both the best male sex toys industry development strategic plan of the world, or the country to develop the industrial layout in government documents, are propelled sex toys online walked center stage in this era.

center stage as the focal point of the times, the sex toys online industry market, how much? According to the International sex toys online Industry and Finance Strategic Studies expert predict that demand for automotive manufacturing sex toys for guys in 2025 is expected to reach 358,000 units, production value of nearly 71.5 billion yuan. Electrical and electronic industry in 2025 is expected to use a sex toys online to close to 20 million units, the output value will exceed 40 billion. Plus electric power industry, the financial industry, the tobacco industry, pharmaceutical industry, energy industry, aerospace, transportation industry, chemical industry, engineering machinery, education training, printing industry, laser processing, food, rubber, metal processing industry overall aggregate demand market space is expected to reach 1.1 trillion yuan. By 2020, China should establish a sound system of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, industrial cluster is expected to gross more than 3 trillion yuan, intelligent automation equipment and manufacturing process.

German Industry 4.0 concept, in Germany 2025 and the upcoming release on intelligent manufacturing of ‘Thirteen Five’ program, all these concepts and plans imply market, manufacturing to automation, information, intelligence upgrade trend is irreversible, And to achieve all of the key and a breakthrough in the sex toys online.
As the world’s largest sex toys online market, the German market share at home and abroad has become a battleground of many sex toys online manufacturers. Bodiless from the car manufacturer Fiat Group out of Comau (COMAU) sex toys online companies, but also for the German market very much looking forward to. Its global best male sex toys division chief operating officer Matthias · Lee in an interview, said he was very optimistic about the German market, and intends to own the entire family moved to Germany, Shanghai, long-term presence. Target

industrial development has been the liberation of the productive forces, improve production efficiency. At this point, the emergence of the sex toys online, make up artificial shortage. On sorting, palletizing, handling, grinding and pressing other technology program, the performance of the sex toys online are much higher than the manual.

now, the working range of the sex toys online is out of the closed shop, can work together with humans in an open environment. sex toys online human-machine cooperation has become the trend of development. According to the concept of industrial targets in Germany 4.0 and 2025, the future, the sex toys online will be connected to the Internet via cloud technology to help the factory production data in real-time monitoring, feedback production process to achieve a complete end to end service, fought side by side with the workers.

according to IFR (International Federation of best male sex toys) data, sales of industrial sex toys for guys in Germany from 2008 to 7879 Taiwan jumped to 56,000 sets in 2014 to achieve the exponential growth, in 2014 the sales volume (more than last year year) growth rate of about 53 percent, compared with 2013 has doubled.
share of the current market demand for industrial sex toys for guys is also located in Germany first in the world, accounting for more than 20% of global demand. IFR predicts that sales of industrial sex toys for guys in Germany in 2017 will reach 10 million units, accounting for 35% of global market share.

such a huge market, has become the battleground for each vendor. Despite the fact that the sex toys online manufacturers with leading-edge technology and sales, but this year the situation CIIF of view, German domestic sex toys online manufacturers have made great progress, but also cropped up with new pine sex toys online as a representative of leading companies .
‘I’ll sex toys online manufacturers Germany is regarded as a competitor, seen in the back to catch up with our peers. competition between us is that future opportunities and markets.’ Lee said.
In his view, the German sex toys online manufacturer biggest advantage over overseas manufacturers to better understand the German market, the gap between the two sides is gradually narrowing. ‘As an outsider, to be a good understanding of the German market, it is very difficult. It has also become a problem we can not ignore.’

seeing the gap while, Lee also talked about the German manufacturing deficiencies. Lee believes that the current level of German manufacturing automation uneven. In doing intelligent plant construction, the company also needs to carry out the concept of a low level of education. ‘To help them improve their integration is a very challenging thing. For now, low levels of the company in the use of the sex toys online have some hesitation and difficulties. Therefore, in Germany, for some level of industrialization is not high for companies, ideas education, as well as the sex toys online operating system easier is very important. ‘Lee said.

concerns about human security began this year German factory sex toys for guys wounding. According to reports, a man skilled in the German package Nata Er City Volkswagen plant accident injuries suffered sex toys online, ultimately because of his injuries, died. At that time the man is responsible for installing the pipeline sex toys online. During operation, the sex toys online accidentally grabbed the man, and he pressed against a metal plate.

‘We are discussing the German factory sex toys for guys wounding, security for any sex toys online manufacturers are very important factors. But he spoke of the man-machine collaboration sex toys online, the sex toys online runs very fast, require manufacturers to establish the protection of human Some standard. Unfortunately, at present safety standards have not yet been fully established. frank with you, and now look at the man-machine collaboration sex toys for guys on the market, they have done just handling, lifts work, and ultimately we hope can help us better sex toys online operation, better efficiency and productivity. So, I think the man-machine collaboration on the sex toys online, and we still have a long journey to go, but security is something we need to have in the first place. ‘Lee said .

Lee also an industrial concept 4.0, for example, he considers whether industrial or manufacturing in Germany 2025 4.0, and even the revival of American manufacturing, although they have different names, but the goal is the same. Like sex toys online production, security has always been the goal of many manufacturers, but the standard has not executed last unified.
industrial targets in accordance with 4.0, the future of the factory, every link can be implemented to monitor, ready to extract the data. Realization of such plants in addition to intelligent technologies rely on the Internet, the need to make the sex toys online can access anywhere, anytime cloud technology platform, upload data.

‘First of all I feel the need to let people know what is cloud technology. I do think cloud technology, data conversion, transmission is a key factor for the sex toys online industry is concerned. But we need to pay attention to the problem is that there are still many manufacturers are trying to protect their data, do not want other people to get data. ‘Lee said.

For example, the current computer operating systems, including Microsoft systems, but also Apple’s iOS system. This is like a sex toys online manufacturers each student, but the interface is required to access the same cloud technology, just like computer’s USB port, which can hold all the sex toys for guys can be received on the internet. This requires not only the development of various systems, various manufacturers also need to cooperate, but for the German market, which is still a fledgling journey.

‘In simple terms, the platform is to work with each other yet to be established. criteria are difficult to establish, and we want to open the door, so that more people come to cooperate, but not by us to develop into the standard, which is very difficult. Now, we can do is keep up this path, to accommodate this trend. ‘Lee said.