A team of sex toy websites

In the next 50 years, China and the elderly proportion of the labor force will continue to shrink. In 2010, the elderly population and the proportion of the labor force was 7.6: 1. By 2030, this proportion will be reduced to 3.3: 1. To 2040 to 2.1: 1 in 2050 to 1.7: 1. Credit Suisse analyst said: ‘The use of service sex toy websites can take on the task of caring for the elderly in addition, these sex toy websites can also be applied to different fields, such as driving drone shoot movies..’

To be sure, an increase of sex toy box rate will be closely related to the broader state of the economy, the Chinese economy is showing slow growth trend. Swiss automation and power technology company ABB has submitted third-quarter earnings, showing decreased revenues sex toy box in China.

Google some time ago, successfully applied for a new patent, the ‘computer system’ cloud technology help, allowing the same time period the user can assign tasks to multiple sex toy websites. Presumably, Google may be going to create a sex toy box army.

Google has registered the patent in the US Patent and Trademark Office, they described ‘computer components’ (such as a PC or smartphone) How to communicate with the sex toy box via a network in the patent document, and assign tasks and receive information. Patent did not specify how many users can simultaneously control a sex toy box, but said that can be assigned different tasks for them according to the capabilities of the sex toy box.

Google example, saying that the system can determine the ability of the sex toy box to perform tasks according to the sex toy box’s ‘health’, such as the need to maintain the remaining time before the sex toy box, and to assign tasks accordingly. If there are two sex toy box requires to perform two tasks, a task in which the accuracy requirements are higher, then the ‘healthy level’ higher sex toy websites will be assigned to perform tasks of higher accuracy requirements, while another sex toy box will go Executive accuracy less demanding tasks.

also has enormous potential for application to multiple capability sex toy box assigned tasks, such as to command a team of sex toy websites vacuum cleaner to clean hotel suite, help unmanned fleet indication paths, or the owner continued to direct the sex toy box to do the housework and when they go out for dinner, etc. . The other side, the system can also be used to humanoid sex toy websites and animals assign tasks, such as Google’s Boston Dynamics company developed sex toy websites.

technical experts predict that people will eventually be able to use Google’s Android operating system, to command a team of sex toy websites to perform tasks anywhere in the world. Google said in the patent document, they want to be able to link up large quantities of the sex toy box, which allows users to remote control via the network. In theory, Google can use this technology to provide class can cause life easier service.

According to reports, in 2014 the industrial sex toy box sales in the Chinese market of about 57,000 units, up 55%, accounting for about a quarter of global sales, for two consecutive years to become the world’s largest sex toy box consumer market, but the sex toy box can not meet its own brand demand in various fields of national economy, high-end sex toy box mainly rely on imports. Industrial machinery and equipment Division Director at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that at present, China is stepping up development of the sex toy box industry, ‘Thirteen Five’ development planning, boost the development of sex toy websites in research and development, as well as promote the use of standard system construction and the like.