This year\’s Tanabata big difference, adult supplies sales are spectacular

Editor\’s note: once the festival is only holiday, now the festival is in fact the vast number of businesses to provide consumers with \”buy, buy, buy\” opportunity. Under the collective festival marketing offensive of big businessmen, any festival that can relate to women will cause a huge wave of consumption. But shopping, too, has changed something in recent years with the growth of the adult goods industry. Whether it is a variety of interesting toys, or essential condoms, and even inflatable doll sales will be in the Tanabata before the blowout growth. The Qixi Festival approaching, many people have begun to male compatriots sweetheart plan prepared in the Qixi Festival gift, so, in addition to the store to buy buy buy, Shaanxi young people will buy what things as gifts on the Internet? The reporter found from the Jingdong transfer through contact in recent days online shopping platform big data, \”girlfriend\” and \”wife\” has become a hot search keywords.By the Jingdong (August 10th -8 22) consumption trend data, the reporter found that, compared with the same period last month, flowers and chocolate can express the sales amount of love is growing faster, and more close to the Qixi Festival, consumption amount is high.Data also show that Shaanxi consumers buy Tanabata gift merchandise consumption amounted to 1.7 times the same period last year, consumption of the top three cities were Xi\’an, Xianyang and Weinan. Consumer groups, University and above the user consumption ratio of more than 90%, they buy more bags, jewelry and perfume.In addition, consumers in Shaanxi, the province most loved to buy adult goods, ranked third, according to data.Text independent intrusion detectionReporters also found that \”girlfriend\”, \”wife\” and other key words before and after Tanabata become hot search vocabulary. The number of queries for \”girlfriend\” is 2 times higher than the \”boyfriend\”, \”wife number search\” is 3 times higher than the \”husband\”, \”the number of search Weaver\” 5 times higher than the \”cowboy\”, \”the number of search lady\” 20 times higher than the \”fair\”. One of the most expensive gifts is a brand purchased by the post-90s guy in Beijing, Pt900 platinum, diamond rings, all love diamond, elegant series, wedding engagement diamond ring\”.It is understood that the statistical data covering the goods including candles, steak, red wine, handbags, watches and other related goods and the Qixi Festival 20. The life of flowers, flowers, crabs coupons sales last month over the same period increased by more than 290%, 210% and 100% respectively, the immortal flower, steak consumption amount increased rapidly, compared with the same period last year increased by more than 610% and 350% respectively. Among them, at 10 a.m., 14 p.m. and 22 p.m. for the peak shopping order.