Liu Shibao: a story from a farmer to a king of pleasure

Editor\’s note: when you choose entrepreneurship, you choose a way of life, and you choose a respect. From the first step, fear and regret, doomed to accompany the entrepreneur life, and relief and bitterness is destined to become a permanent companion. In fact, entrepreneurship should also be a manifestation of the attitude of life, the choice of entrepreneurship allows people to really read and give up, and the essence of giving up is to learn to calm and wise. Just as give up mediocrity, give up the arrangements elsewhere, and give up the road of others. Entrepreneurship, the essence of giving, lies in an innovation of life. Entrepreneurs not to make their stay in any period, because his land does not allow weeds, his youth is not allowed to leave. Liu Shibao was born in an ordinary peasant family in the countryside of Lu\’an City, Anhui province. Over the past decade, relying on his passion for entrepreneurship, not only realize their entrepreneurial dreams, but also through mentoring, and promote local rural youth employment stability.