\”Tank\” to even the elephant: love and war making

Editor\’s note: after knowing that the first crab ate the delicious food, the crab became more and more table delicacies. So it is the beginning of cross-border marketing, people do not dare to try this method looks a bit \”ridiculous\”, but later proved, consumers on the combination of cross-border marketing not only offensive but also quite popular, in addition, such cooperation can also save a lot of funds for each enterprise, it yijuduode. Whenever and wherever possible people NetEase, carefree! Real-time battle tank Mobile Games \”tank\” beta even continued unpopular, many tank soldiers staged a classic battle tanks in the city, the field, the beach, the jungle, it is hooked! In order to repay the \”tank\” game player, even after the black canned pork again after the introduction of the surrounding gifts, to customize the elephant condom to help you experience the strongest love, love and war double harvest!