Sexy, one of the most popular sexy lingerie in the past

Abstract: the international movie star Ray Lui endorsement NOX Nox condom brand. 0\”NOX Nox as a brand of sexual health international, fourteen years has been to improve the healthy way of life Chinese mission. Ray Lui through this endorsement, called for the correct use of condoms, AIDS prevention in the bud. The NOX and Nox condom brand advocate the scientific and effective AIDS prevention and contraception brand philosophy highly fit.Ray Lui has starred in dozens of years, such as be too numerous to enumerate the classic movies, \”\” our \”fuse\” \”Shanghai\” \”\” \”The Flying Fox Of The Snowy Mountain founder Damour\” \”\” \”Concubine\” Beginning of The Great Revival, with heroic sentiments of the king was known to the audience. From screen roles to real life, Ray Lui\’s contribution to philanthropy is as striking as his career path. Healthy image and NOX Nox brand Ray Lui has been advocating the concept of healthy living is the same as the NOX, Nox and Ray Lui cooperation, will further expand the NOX Nox condom brand.