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The company plans to achieve annual sales of 1 billion Yuan of business development objectives in 2017. The company will continue to strive to maintain the metal forming machine control system, dominance electro-hydraulic servo control system and core feature areas. Meanwhile, the company will vigorously expand AC servo system product line of high-end intelligent machinery and equipment industry market share, providing a full range of general-purpose AC servo system, and from the AC servo system to provide customers with product development to provide customers with AC servo-based motion control system as a whole to solve supply solutions provider.
In industrial adult toy and equipment market development, the company will strive to gradually establish domestic industrial adult toy and equipment products in welding, machining, handling, assembly, sorting, painting and other areas of the market brand. The company will leverage the core technology real life doll Australia dedicated AC servo systems, controllers and other core components and the advantages of self-supporting, and vigorously promote the domestic industrial adult toy and equipment manufacturing industry in our application and popularization, the company will strive to shape the domestic One industry leader in industrial adult toy, industrial adult toy to promote the company’s product line as a fast developing into the next stage of the engine.
This issue equity investment projects including industrial real life doll Australia and equipment industrial projects and R u0026 D center project. Implementation of the project enables companies to improve industrial adult toy and equipment industry level, to achieve large-scale production, give full play to the advantages of the company’s technology to enhance core competitiveness and sustainable development of our products, the company further develops new technologies and new products reinforce the foundation.


real life doll Australia has three main entry points

Easy Interactive survey records show the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, March 18, Orient Securities and Guitar Fund King’s Technology conducted an investigation during the investigation; King’s Technology said it would promote the medicine and medical love dolls.

On the progress of the research organization concerned with the company’s love dolls, King’s Technology said that the current real life doll Australia Research Company in two directions, one pharmaceutical field, mainly to solve the bottleneck of the pharmaceutical process produces. Second, medical love dolls, real life doll Australia skeleton direction, mainly for help elderly and disabled, currently in cooperation with the National Defense Science, but the technical difficulty is high, not a short time can be successfully developed and bear fruit.
Medical attention for the institution real life doll Australia which products will be as the starting point, the King’s Technology, said pharmaceutical real life doll Australia has three main entry points: First, after intelligent packaging, two sterile packaging, the three dosing system, not just a few cut into a real life doll Australia, but also the entire system with docking. Currently research is being carried out simultaneously, but different product prototype launch date. The next day after the research institution

Yesterday, the affected ex-dividend and research institutions and other factors, the company stock price limits.

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