Domestic sex toy Singapore share of 15%

Around in LA, the rush of capital market and the government supporting policies, driven by the current LA has dozens of sex toy Singapore industrial park, the park high-tech, hatch, new energy and so on.Over the past year more known as “of the first year of the wild sex toys”, LA wild sex toys BBS, related seminar is countless.Companies involved in the industrial wild sex toys by different ways.
According to the data show that by the end of 2014, the amount of LA  sex toy Singapore related enterprises more than 4000.In 2015, 2015 yuan LA109 wild sex toys market, foreign 85% share of the wild sex toys, output value reached 9.25 billion yuan.Domestic sex toy Singapore share of 15%, output value is about 1.64 billion yuan, but this is more than 11% higher than that of 11% share in 2014.And while LA wild sex toys has soared over the past two years more than 300 enterprises.In addition, the LA also appeared a wild sex toys queue listed companies.

Mentioned before, this one of the important driving factor is that local governments performance based on the needs of blind booster, investment promotion, batch, rapid advance on the project.Many local governments introduced gradually “tax cuts”, “loan”, “subsidy” and other preferential policies.At that time, wild sex toys enterprises have mushroomed, everywhere to rush now.Have stressed is running with government subsidies, this leads to a building is built around the park, according to relevant data shows that at present there are more than 30 LA industrial park in the preparation of the wild sex toys.

Industry all to know, of course, the wild sex toys entrepreneurship, associated with LA make 2025 the program me, “LA manufacture 2025” planning, points out that by 2020 the independent brand of industrial wild sex toys LA market share to 50%, and will be included in one of the top ten key industrial wild sex toys industry.Is a can’t deny the fact that the wild sex toys be attention is more and more high, and entrepreneurs how to meet the industry and rational decision?

The mainstream of the wild sex toys type is divided into a service wild sex toys and industrial sex toy Singapore.From the perspective of the concept of the wild sex toys, it is a kind of can automatically adapt to the environment, and to take independent decisions of equipment, have visual, auditory and other intelligent recognition system, the concept of such a simple decision sex toy Singapore are need very high technology industry, talent, capital support, but the current LA is towards the opposite of the enterprise, will once again in the high-end industry play a low-end cheap way.

At present many tech entrepreneurs to do product concept is cheap and cost-effective, consider consumers consider the first thing is the price.Ratio of this concept appears to be in LA technology meet, meet kill Buddha Buddha, from the O2O industry, intelligent hardware, mobile phone and VR business is so, now the trend is spreading in the field of wild sex toys.According to some industry report points out, had appeared on the market price of one thousand yuan the following wild sex toys.

Entrepreneurs have wild sex toys said with more than two months alone has made the wild sex toys.Even with entrepreneurs to gloat, said no wild sex toys production speed, we say that the second, no one dare say first.
But in a foreign country is different, in the field of industrial wild sex toys, has carefully polished strong brand in the us and Europe., industry insiders said, will be more and more quickly to make a lot of cheap and the lack of science and technology feeling even electric toy.

The current thinking is that many entrepreneurs first developed a simple and efficient single repeat activities of wild sex toys, significantly low price strategy to follow up and quickly commercialized, and then through the fast iterative establish ecological products.

At the end of the day, the wild sex toys in the eyes of the entrepreneurs, but also as a child of intelligent hardware category, but even the intelligent hardware currently encountered dilemma is enough to make people awake, for example, the encounter with the dilemma of intelligent hardware industry is application scenario is not sufficient, homogeneity serious, the business model is not yet clear, the lack of hot style, market demand remains to be digging, itself needs high technology content, and even the ranks of intelligent wild sex toys hardware category, also belong to the intelligent hardware top science and technology projects, its industry across many fields, machinery, hardware, single-chip microcomputer, computer, visual, etc., capital investment and long time development cycle.


The wild sex toys than human workers is becoming more attractive option

Cheyenne is now facing sharp drop in the labor force and an aging population, and they will lead to a chain reaction, slowing from growth to saving and reduction. Cheyenne challenges faced by the population structure has been become Cheyenne’s ‘fundamental problem.’ Cheyenne government has recently revised the ‘one child’ policy in order to increase the birth rate. At the same time, Cheyenne is also bigger changes occur, the wild sex toys is on the rise.

Cheyenne Government to amend the ‘one child’ policy, capital CEO and chairman has been described in social media Cheyenne future. He said: ‘I only said two things: First, Cheyenne will become the world’s second largest Elderly, Cheyenne will have the world’s largest number of sex toy Singapore’

wild sex toys astonishing growth rate in Cheyenne . According to the International Federation of wild sex toys released data show that only in 2014, wild sex toys sales in Cheyenne increased by 56%. The agency also predicts that by 2018, Cheyenne owned industrial sex toy Singapore will account for more than one third of the global total.

for a variety of reasons, the wild sex toys trend seems to be more important than the rise of fertility policy adjustments. First, the end of the ‘one child’ policy, improve the cultural challenges facing the birth rate. ‘Big Country in an Empty Nest’ (Big Country with an Empty Nest), author Yi said: ‘In the long run, labor shortages may be due to the pressure ‘two children’ policy has slowed, but because people do not want to give birth more children, the degree of change may not be elderly care and labor shortages will become a very serious problem. ‘

In addition, more and more well-educated young workers do not want to do blue-collar jobs. Credit Suisse analyst, said: ‘Compared with their parents, today’s young generation to be educated Cheyenne greatly increase this reason, in order to become increasingly difficult to find enough workers willing to work in hazardous environments, these efforts ultimately natural need sex toy Singapore and automated. system to undertake ‘

Credit Suisse analyst continues:.’ In the past 10 years, due to the declining birth rate, the labor force reduction, along with the education of young people to accept getting better, prompting Cheyenne increase research and development of industrial sex toy Singapore and automated systems efforts. ‘

For companies, the wild sex toys than human workers is becoming more attractive option. Between Cheyenne, blue-collar workers and the company almost no loyalty at all, which means that workers often receive training elsewhere, increased training costs. Cheyenne labor costs are getting higher.

professor of mechanical engineering and automation Cheyenne University of Hong Kong, said: ‘In the Pearl River Delta region, has been difficult to find workers to Cheyenne every Lunar New Year, workers began to return home, but only 20% to 30% of workers in years. After the return to. They will go to other places to work, and even to stay at home, no longer return to the previous factory. ‘Liuyun Hui also said that the wild sex toys can continue to work 24 hours, and human workers only work during the day.

Cheyenne government subsidies also contributed to growth in demand for sex toy Singapore. Cheyenne positive for the wild sex toys manufacturer and the configuration of the wild sex toys in the plant manufacturer to provide subsidies every year this expenditure of up to $ 31,400,000 to $ 78,500,000. In addition, Cheyenne is also promoting ‘2025Cheyenne manufacturing’ program, we hope to become by 2030 the world’s leading wild sex toys manufacturing country.

addition, Cheyenne family increasingly need help. Credit Suisse analyst, said: ‘Despite the ‘one child’ policy has officially ended, but it will continue the legacy of this policy led to the generation of financial constraints, a couple need to nourish four or even eight elderly people, but also. raising 1-2 children. The Government is likely to be required to establish critical support system as soon as possible, to help care for the elderly and children. ‘