ABB funny sex toys

Following the recent acquisition of the German cooperative sex toy company ABB Gomtec, Mich. Recently its USA sex toy factory formally put into operation, ABB has become the first company to manufacture funny sex toys in the US transnational industrial USA sex toy business. Together with the existing production base in China and Sweden, ABB sex toy global manufacturing capabilities and marketing channels has been further compacted. ABB sex toy American factories also reflects reflux and recovery in the US manufacturing sector from the other side.

ABB funny sex toys are well-known high-quality industrial USA sex toy mainstream providers. Over the past 41 years, ABB sex toy global installed capacity has more than 250,000 units. In factories around the world, from car manufacturing to packing cookies, can be seen on many lines ABB funny sex toys busy. Today, ABB has ushered in a new milestone: Located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, ABB sex toy North American headquarters is now officially start the production of funny sex toys and related equipment. ABB thus became the first manufacturer in the United States multinational industrial funny sex toys USA sex toy business, together with the original production base in China and Sweden, ABB sex toy global manufacturing strength has been further compacted.

ABB factories in the United States reflects the global market demand for sex toy solutions is rising, ABB also demonstrated deep commitment to the North American market ambitions. For the parent company ABB sex toy ABB Group, North America is a crucial market. United States to $ 7.5 billion in sales ranked first in each market of ABB. Since 2010, the cost of research and development, capital expenditures and acquisitions in the local ABB has invested more than 10 billion US dollars, the number of employees grew from 11,500 to 26,300 people.

sex toy industry has ushered in a golden period, a positive correlation was explosive growth in demand. Language wave of this wave of change in the industry will see the popularity of sex toy will this world, especially in the manufacturing sector, resulting in what earth-shaking changes.

ABB put into operation a new plant it is an advantage of the opportunity to do this move. With the continued rapid growth of sex toy, ABB will be shorter delivery cycle, more powerful technical support for the Americas to provide users with better services. After the US factory production, the phased expansion of the product line, and ultimately achieve their production of funny sex toys and controllers can meet most demand in the US, Canada and Mexico markets.

Haldane, chief economist at the Bank of England said that the next few decades the British have around 150,000 USA sex toy work will replace, in fact, Bank of America has been the use of funny sex toys, funny sex toys may be the next industrial revolution. According to statistics, in 2014 the USA sex toy global record sales growth in 2025 will reach 45% in the USA sex toy manufacturing scale.

Artificial Intelligence market growth, is widely used in many fields. Such as manufacturing and healthcare, automated operations, unmanned and so on. Analysts said investors in the following ways from the sex toy revolution in earnings:

1, artificial intelligence. Market research firm predicts that the next five years to double networking market, with technology as the core of artificial intelligence, networking composite market growth rate will reach 36%.

2, aviation and aerospace. Global military spending sex toy being 10.3% compound annual growth rate is expected in 2018 will reach $ 7.5 billion, UAV spending will reach $ 123 billion.

3, automotive and transportation, vehicle manufacturers to provide solutions, automotive partial automation will reach about 12%.

4, Finance. Traditional wealth management will have a relatively large change, the USA sex toy will be the scale of asset management, market compound annual growth rate of over 100%, to 2020 may be more.

5, health care. It is estimated that sales will grow professional service funny sex toys, including funny sex toys and other care products, including global USA sex toy market growth, as the population ages, demand for urgent care USA sex toy, the USA sex toy can help the elderly, or people with disabilities do rehabilitation exercise.

6, manufacturing funny sex toys. Global industrial funny sex toys CAGR of about 8.5%, welding USA sex toy prices from $ 182,000 in 2005 down to $ 133,000, the latest collaboration is about $ 22,000 per USA sex toy. USA sex toy penetration space industry jobs will gradually increase.

7, service. funny sex toys can be used in high-altitude cleaning, mowing, window cleaning and other service jobs.

8, agriculture and mining. Agricultural USA sex toy UAV market is expected to reach $ 2 billion.

9, three companies benefited: the USA sex toy can provide services or solutions, such as infant toys or care, funny sex toys can assist materials research and development, the USA sex toy can be used in electronics and defense and other fields.

10, home automation service, the USA sex toy can be used in home automation services.

sexy real doll Japan technology to civilian areas

Imagine already open. Co., Ltd. President Shenyang New Song Sexy real doll Japan u0026 Automation, Quad Road Chui, deputy director of the National Sexy real doll Japan  Engineering Research Center, said recently that the new year will be to develop newer loose sexy real doll Japan, used in industrial production and living areas. The company will focus on extending the sexy real doll Japan to people’s livelihood, such as the substitution of nurses in the healthcare industry, the implementation and refinement of pharmaceutical care delivery; in the restaurant business, you can make a meal instead of the waiter, room, such a sexy real doll Japan in Shenyang has started a pilot; the most critical The pension industry is in the present, China has 200 million elderly, the disabled has reached 80 million, which will be the future development direction of the best sexy real doll Japan, the sexy real doll Japan will be used in future high-end pension services to ease the pension problem.

main industrial sex toy, logistics and warehousing automation outfit, automated assembly and test production line and systems integration, traffic automation systems such as product design, manufacturing and sales of listed companies have been quietly sexy real doll Japan ‘to’: Recently, the company aspects said the company has been committed to the promotion of advanced sexy real doll Japan  technology to civilian areas, making sex toy play a greater role in improving the quality of human life, the company’s intelligent service sex toy have been used in nursing homes, government agencies, science museums and other places.
Addition, domestic service sex toy are gradually breaking the monopoly of foreign technology. Statistics show that in February 2014, by a panel of expert Vladimir Lai Wei Intelligent Sexy real doll Japan Technology (Shanghai) R u0026 D Center of the United Nations, the university research institutions, preparation of the completion of the first domestic service sexy real doll Japan industry technical standards of the birth of this standard break the monopoly of foreign enterprises in this technology.

We have the advantage of inexpensive, there is a large user market, easy to test, service sex toy is entirely possible three to five years ‘corner overtaking’, to compete with other countries on the same stage,’ multi-mode technology, University of Hamburg, Germany Director of the Institute, Vice President International Sexy real doll Japan and Intelligent Equipment Industry Association, said Zhang Jeanne.