Notice: 2017 British Adult Products Fair will be cancelled

Abstract: a major trade event scheduled for this summer, 2017 British Adult Products Fair (ETOShow), will be cancelled. The British Adult Supplies Expo (ETOShow) in support of the Organizing Committee held from the beginning of 2005, and the venue has been in the National Exhibition Centre in the UK, Bermingham NEC, in 2017 the theme of the exhibition is \”large trade activities more… Scheduled for this summer at the 2017 British Adult Supplies Expo (ETOShow) will be canceled. The British Adult Supplies Expo (ETOShow) in support of the Organizing Committee held from the beginning of 2005, and the venue has been in the National Exhibition Centre in the UK, Bermingham NEC, in 2017 the theme of the Expo is \”a little more commercial, less performance\” was replaced, and the exhibition venue have also been adjusted, but the organizers of the exhibition but suddenly announced: cancel scheduled for June this year, held Adult supplies expo.


2015 World toys sex Assembly

toys sex World Congress will be held in Beijing early next week. It is reported that, ‘toys sex technology innovation and industrial promotion plan’ will be announced during the meeting. Analysis, regression and demographic dividend ‘UK manufacturing 2025,’ the implementation of the toys sex industry has brought great opportunities for development; the relevant listed companies face long-term investment value.

23 to 25 November, the Ministry of Industry, 2015 World toys sex Assembly hosted by the Beijing municipal government in Beijing organized by the UK Science and Technology Association, the theme of ‘win-win cooperative integration, leading the intelligence community.’ It is reported that, ‘toys sex technology innovation and industrial promotion plan’ will also be announced during the meeting.

Insiders pointed out that, as an intelligent wisdom made an important part of the toys sex in the thirteenth Five-Year period has been elevated to the national strategic level. With intelligent manufacturing-related programs have been introduced, the best sex toy industry rising heat. On the secondary market, the toys sex theme alive. 2015 World toys sex tantamount forthcoming Assembly gave the plate to bring catalyst.

Analysts believe that the disappearance of the demographic dividend as the UK, future labor shortages will be a long-term phenomenon, increase the degree of automation in manufacturing is a trend and very urgent. ‘In the UK labor costs rising in the background, quickly enter the toys sex manufacturing era has become a trend.’

UK best sex toy market, according to industry classification applications, industrial best sex toy are still mainly driven by the needs of the automotive industry, the automotive and parts industry accounted for half of the market share. Food processing and other service best sex toy despite faster growth, but the number of domestic real best sex toy using service-oriented enterprises less than 1%, the prospect of extending the service sector development of toys sex vast market potential is huge.

‘use best sex toy technology to enhance the level of UK industrial development, the completion of the shift of manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, has gradually become the consensus of the whole society.’ experts said, best sex toy and automation industry will become the mainstream of the future development of high-end manufacturing UK direction, and it will play an important role in the UK industrial restructuring and structural adjustment.

benefit from the demand side (domestic labor costs continue to rise, with the world’s largest manufacturing scale and the largest potential market for automation equipment) and the supply side (the gap between domestic and foreign leading best sex toy automation equipment manufacturers shrink) Promote dual factors, UK The emergence of a world-class manufacturer of best sex toy automation.

a master core technologies and to cross-cutting development of systems integration business, such as best sex toy, Boshi shares, shares of odd days. Second, we have mastered the core technology related components technology companies such as UPM, new and up and so on. Third, we plan to enter the field of toys sex-related companies: Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical, Rui Qi shares, Chee Sing shares.

UK toys sex hand leading global industrial leader, technology market combination has created a leading UK digital factory.

This cooperation with Siemens digital plant is significant. The new song as a domestic toys sex leader, with intelligent hardware-based implementation of equipment generous industrial best sex toy, AGV, standing library, clean toys sex, while its characteristic toys sex team, integrated marketing channels than most domestic private enterprises and foreign companies; Siemens as a global Leading industrial controls, manufacturing decision makers (PLC, SCADA, IPC, MES, PLM) in the smart integration is far stronger than the new song, the industrial areas of the global market share lead. With this partnership, Siemens completed the song with new digital factory perception layer, decision-making, execution layer complementary advantages, powerful combination of technology and market, creating a leading UK digital factory.

Digital Factory is an industrial core manifestation 4.0, UK market space one hundred billion, the outbreak of the asymptotic trend, Siemens Company is expected to quickly seize the market. Under internal and external Forced

, UK is stepping up the implementation of ‘UK Manufacturing 2025’ made this strategy, ‘UK manufacturing 2025’ is the UK version of ‘Industry 4.0’ and its purpose are under development integration of two intelligent manufacturing. Digital Factory is a manifestation of the industrial core of 4.0, which is the integration of information technology by PLC, MES, ERP and other industrial best sex toy, AGV and other smart devices, in order to achieve integration of the two core parts plant level. Countries are firmly strong push ‘UK manufacturing 2025’, the Ministry this year has been involved in the selection of the 38 industries, 21 regions in 46 countries intelligent manufacturing pilot project, a pilot study accelerated Intelligent Manufacturing Practice promotion. We believe that the digital factory as an industrial core 4.0 manifestations, along with industry 4.0, UK manufacturing deepen the 2025 outbreak of the advance market soon, the market is at 100 billion +, the combination of Siemens companies will benefit most.