New horn sounded: it needs to pry the condom billions Market

Editor\’s note: condoms as currently the most common contraceptive tool, in addition to contraception, communication can also prevent the disease, so \”open child\”, China\’s overall condom consumption still presents growth trend. Data show that China\’s condom use school-age population of nearly 700 million people, 90 million common consumer groups, the annual output of more than 10 billion condoms, condom use amount has become the world\’s most populous country, annual consumption of up to 9 billion 600 million! Chinese condom market volume continued to grow, production and sales have been ranked fourth in the world, after the United Kingdom, the United States and japan. China condom sales will maintain more than 15% growth rate, the market potential of more than ten billion yuan.


Internet promotion for fun items, customers talk about private feelings

Editor\’s note: would you like to say something if you were interviewed about the use of sex toys? The answer is basically negative, let alone talk about feelings, even if they have to use the fun thing this thing is not willing to disclose it. However, if you want to make the product can continue to update and progress, we must collect some of the customer\’s feeling to detect their own products. If you find that there is a lack of positive correction, and those who are satisfied with the customer to continue to pursue progress, this is the long-term compliance with the needs of consumers. U.S. media said Wu Zhenwang opened in 1994 in Wenzhou, an adult toy store, the locals were able to see the first oscillator and inflatable doll like. At that time, the atmosphere is still relatively conservative, the average age of the Chinese people\’s first sexual life is 22.4 years, more than the United States later than the age of five.

Is your condom safe enough for 25% men to wear the wrong condom?

Editor\’s note: too believe that condoms are not a good thing, because in the middle of the public, the use of the wrong way to make condoms become no longer safe. How high the safety of condoms, the vast majority of people think that in the sex life, as long as the use of condoms, you can let yourself from the infected with sexually transmitted diseases, it will not accidentally pregnant. But a report on the Internet pointed out that it is not a good thing to believe that condoms are too much, because in the middle of the public, the use of the wrong way to make condoms become no longer safe. Researchers at University of Alabama in Bermingham, the United States, conducted a survey of more than 1100 men and women, and found that nearly 1/4 of people used condoms in the last month. Statistics, the common error methods are mainly: