2017 Guanyun interesting exhibition behind the scenes highlights

Abstract: a perfect exhibition feast is behind a difficult process – 2017 Guanyun fun products exhibition behind the scenes 2017, the first China Guanyun exhibition of interesting products in July 16th ended successfully. The exhibition, invited to the domestic from 21 provinces of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hebei, Fujian, Hubei, Shandong, Jiangxi (city), a total of… A perfect exhibition feast behind is an arduous process- behind the scenes at the Guanyun 2017 spice showThe 2017 China Guanyun exhibition of interesting articles was successfully concluded in July 16th. The exhibition, invited to the domestic from 21 provinces of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hebei, Fujian, Hubei, Shandong, Jiangxi (city), a total of more than 300 kinds of exhibits, show the size of 6000 square meters.However, unlike other exhibitions, the exhibition is only a month away! Review the exhibition preparatory process, although the exhibition scale is not big, but basically has displayed exquisite, exhibits comprehensively, the content is rich, the activity gives off several characteristics. And many exhibition projects will be held as a whole, and behind it is a hard journey, there is a touching story……In June 16th, Jiangsu New International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as \”Jiangsu new exhibition\”) as the specific implementation of the exhibition unit, officially launched the exhibition project. When faced with the problem of in addition to the whole exhibition planning, of exhibition venues rectification, more important is to organize and invite exhibitors, exhibition planning and implementation of the overall design, installation, construction site and construction. However, first of all, facing them is a layer of only 4.5 meters, a large number of pillars, dim light, air-conditioning, electricity, network and so on, need a large area of transformation, that is, the purchase of idle factories.In the support and guidance of Guanyun county government, Jiangsu new exhibition team together with the Guanyun County Bureau of Commerce, economic development zone, Electricity Association and other units jointly decided, not only to do, but also do, do, do affect the specifications!In June 19th, the preparatory working group held its first formal recruitment and mobilization meeting, that moment, we quickly entered the \”emergency readiness\” status. To complete the preparatory work of the exhibition in July 15th before the start of the smooth, first need to sort out the time and task of investment in the breeze work must be controlled in two weeks, and one docking with the enterprises to adjust the design scheme, which is the priority among priorities of exhibition preparatory work, extremely arduous task. At the same time, the end of June will show all the design drawings and finalized, completes the logistics work and all exhibitors exhibition docking and assist exhibitors. Finally is to set aside 10 days to back production processing, on-site installation materials and construction and exhibits exhibit etc.. Any of a group of professional exhibition, knew to complete such an arduous task which is difficult in a short period of time. Jiangsu new exhibition exhibition in charge of the leadership has decided to do, make a prompt decision, do not retreat, can only succeed, not fail!On the one hand, the Guanyun Economic Development Zone started the renovation of the exhibition hall according to the overall planning of the exhibition by the new exhibition in Jiangsu. On the other hand, the new Jiangsu exhibition team with the Guanyun county government departments and Township immediately launched recruitment work. First of all, sorting, collecting well-known enterprises in the industry, well-known brands and products for communication and communication. At the same time, divided into several working groups were rushed to Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places on the part of key enterprises invited well-known enterprises, brand enterprises, and invited to visit, and actively promote the overall vision and future planning exhibition. Some enterprises in the case of such a tense situation, but also for the first time, have been skeptical and not optimistic about the vision. In this regard, the Jiangsu new exhibition team with a sincere attitude, professional standards and long-term exhibition planning idea gradually moved the exhibitors, even through the \”try\” mentality to test their work.A team of designers working overtime, according to the modified design exhibition exhibitors display specific requirements once again Chen scheme, constantly with the exhibitors docking, to understand the needs, and strive for excellence; Working Group on the scene is round the clock arrangement of concrete construction under harsh conditions, and to assist the exhibitors to determine the display contents, corresponding to the exhibits logistics and the corresponding field work.Jiangsu new exhibition staff who strive to use sweat to irrigate the best quality service, with hard backs in exchange for the exhibitors the most satisfactory smile. Here, I would like to thank the Guanyun county government and all units for their support and input, thank you for every pay for the exhibition staff. We are looking forward to the continuation of the second China Guanyun exhibition of pleasure products next year, and welcome the active participation of the relevant units and buyers in July 2018. 0\”Exhibition sceneAt the same time, the new Jiangsu International Exhibition Group Limited in each member of the efforts and hard work, they are carrying the expectations for the future, they will continue to uphold the principle of \”innovation, interaction, cooperation, win-win\” concept, do not forget the early heart, temper forward!