Cross boundary assessment! Wang freely vs Sora Aoi public live condom

Editor\’s note: teacher Aoi Solaao, everyone is very familiar with it, men\’s mass lover, but also the men\’s \”sexual enlightenment\” teacher ah. This cross-border span of the big hole in the brain ah. Zealer employees forwarded a \”Xiao Xin Technology lovers Hotel taboo\” micro-blog, \”self exposure is very simple, do not understand, then the king freely saying\” if you can give me a goddess, I test. Then Sora Aoi AIT technology Xiao Xin Cang teacher, the public readily agreed, and said he also participated in the AIDS prevention activities in Japan, that evaluation is of great significance. Recently, Zealer founder Wang Ziru in July 23rd (Sunday) at 20 in the evening and Sora Aoi to do a cross-border evaluation of public service broadcast.\”How thin, thin, thin, thin and thin is it,\” said the preview poster on the live broadcast. \”It seems to be a test on condom thinness.\”Had a few days ago, ZEALER co-founder of \”technology\” Xiao Xin forwarded a condom users on micro-blog, Wang Ziru said that if we can find a forward, a goddess, he, in \”science and technology\” Xiaoxin @ Sora Aoi, it really is, says he also has participated in AIDS prevention activities in Japan, that this evaluation would be meaningful.Original title: true cross evaluation! Zealer Wang freely x goddess Sora Aoi public live broadcast condom