Taste market: not as easy to imagine as reclamation

Editor\’s note: from the hall to his interest from the elephant condom to Ma Jiajia, sex problems were before the difficult, with young and open the concept of human social software, slowly collapse. Instead, it was a breath of action. The fact is that investors who have been aware of the most primitive desires have long been involved in the industry. But another fact is that the market is not as easy as it seems to be. 4 17, three new board three fun two giant electricity supplier at the same time released the 2016 annual report, not surprisingly, or loss. The high margin and how fun electricity supplier could not escape the fate of loss in April 17th evening, Taohuawu (838664) and Hall (839466) both disclosure results in 2016, as the vertical electric supplies, their earnings are strikingly similar to high margin, but they can not escape the fate of a loss. How high is the gross profit margin? After chunshuitang founder Lin Degang said, taste products as profiteering industry, the traditional channels from the factory handled brand manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to the hands of customers, can maintain 100% gross profit space. Conservative is expected, the electricity supplier channel profit is 50%.\” You refer to listed on the new board and the rhino hall, fun supplies electricity supplier in Taohuawu, seal information (i.e. his interest), love health, their gross margins have reached more than 40%. In 2016 data, for example, even if the gross profit margin declined in 2016, Taohuawu\’s gross profit margin is still up to 42.77%, compared with a decrease of nearly 6 percentage points in 2015. Chunshuitang 2016 gross margin reached 48.58%. However, in stark contrast with the high interest rates, they still conceal losses. Taohuawu in 2016 to achieve revenues of 39 million 783 thousand and 800 yuan, an increase of 101.67%. However, the growth in operating income in Taohuawu is piled up by money. Sales doubled, Taohuawu\’s total operating costs increased by 124.03%. Therefore, its net profit from profit to loss, a loss of 11 million 618 thousand and 700 yuan, profit of $601 thousand and 100 last year. Where did the money go? In order to expand the sales of mobile terminals, Taohuawu spent the money in the mobile APP R