The feeling is so good? What are the advantages

Editor\’s note: people can now say that condoms can not be completely unfamiliar, and even some of the children in the primary school can also be identified in the supermarket next to the cashier and rainbow candy. But we are using condoms for cognition is not very comprehensive, for example, many people do not know the size of condoms and points, which will make in the process of using the results of pregnant women finally rupture accident of condoms, so whether consumers or adult products business, the choice of a quality and good reputation is essential. The condom is required to Chinese hundreds of millions of people, to prevent accidental pregnancy, abortion is no longer worry. But on the market a lot of all kinds of condoms, will inevitably worry about the quality of the poor. Now not in trouble for this, let the feeling condom to protect your safety, feeling a condom is a super good reputation and high quality products, green ultra-thin, super delay favored customers, do choose early derivative sense condoms. Good products can bring good prospects, good use of the account to help you go to the peak monument!